Data Science Crash Course for Beginners with Python

Data Science is here to stay. The tremendous growth in the volume, velocity and variety of data has a substantial impact on every aspect of a business. While data continues to grow exponentially, accuracy remains a problem. This is where data scientists play a decisive role.
A data scientist analyzes data, discovers new insights, paints a picture, and creates a vision. And a competent data scientist will provide a business with the competitive edge it needs and address pressing business problems.
Data Science Crash Course for Beginners with Python presents you with a hands-on approach to learn data science fast.

How Is This Book Different?

Every book by AI Publishing has been carefully crafted. This book lays equal emphasis on the theoretical sections as well as the practical aspects of data science. Each chapter provides the theoretical background behind the numerous data science techniques, and practical examples explain the working of these techniques. In the Further Reading section of each chapter, you will find the links to informative data science posts.
This book presents you with the tools and packages you need to kick-start data science projects to resolve problems of practical nature. Special emphasis is laid on the main stages of a data science pipeline—data acquisition, data preparation, exploratory data analysis, data modeling and evaluation, and interpretation of the results.
In the Data Science Resources section, links to data science resources, articles, interviews, and data science newsletters are provided. The author has also put together a list of contests and competitions that you can try on your own.
Another added benefit of buying this book is you get instant access to all the learning material presented with this book— PDFs, Python codes, exercises, and references—on the publisher’s website. They will not cost you an extra cent. The datasets used in this book can be downloaded at runtime, or accessed via the Resources/Datasets folder.

The author simplifies your learning by holding your hand through everything. The step by step description of the installation of the software you need for implementing the various data science techniques in this book is guaranteed to make your learning easier. So, right from the beginning, you can experiment with the practical aspects of data science.

You’ll also find the quick course on Python programming in the second and third chapters immensely helpful, especially if you are new to Python. This book gives you access to all the codes and datasets. So, access to a computer with the internet is sufficient to get started.

The topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Data Science and Decision Making
  • Python Installation and Libraries for Data Science
  • Review of Python for Data Science
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Preparation (Preprocessing)
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Modeling and Evaluation Using Machine Learning
  • Interpretation and Reporting of Findings
  • Data Science Projects
  • Key Insights and Further Avenues

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