Are you looking for a hands-on approach to learn Python for Data Visualization Fast?

Do you need to start learning Python for Data Visualization from Scratch?

This book is for you.
This book works as guide to present fundamental Python Libraries and basis related to Data Visualization using Python.

Data science and data visualization are two different but interrelated concepts. Data science refers to the science of extracting and exploring data in order to find patterns that can be used for decision making at different levels. Data visualization can be considered as a subdomain of data science where you visualize data with the help of graphs and tables in order to find out which data is most significant and can help in the identification of important patterns.

This book is dedicated to data visualization and explains how to perform data visualization on a variety of datasets using various data visualization libraries written in the Python programming language. It is suggested that you use this book for data visualization purposes only and not for decision making. For decision making and pattern identification, read this book in conjunction with a dedicated book on machine learning and data science.

We will start by digging into Python programming as all the projects are developed using it, and it is currently the most used programming language in the world. We will also explore the most-famous libraries for Data Visualization such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc .

What this book offers…

You will learn all about python in three modules, one for Plotting with Matplotlib, one for Plotting with Seaborn, and a final one Pandas for Data Visualization. All three modules will contain hands-on projects using real-world datasets and a lot of exercises.

Clear and Easy to Understand Solutions

All solutions in this book are extensively tested by a group of beta readers. The solutions provided are simplified as much as possible so that they can serve as examples for you to refer to when you are learning a new skill.


What this book aims to do…

This book is written with one goal in mind – to help beginners overcome their initial obstacles to learning Data Visualization using Python.

A lot of times, newbies tend to feel intimidated by coding and data.
The goal of this book is to isolate the different concepts so that beginners can gradually gain competency in the fundamentals of Python before working on a project.

Beginners in Python coding and Data Science does not have to be scary or frustrating when you take one step at a time.

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