Natural Language Processing Crash Course for Beginners

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t the latest fad!  The reason is AI has been around since 1956, and its relevance is evident in every field today.
Artificial Intelligence incorporates human intelligence into machines. Machine Learning (ML), a branch of AI, enables machines to learn by themselves. Deep Learning (DL), a subfield of Machine Learning, uses algorithms that are inspired by the functioning of the human brain.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) combines computational linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, enabling computers and humans to communicate seamlessly. And NLP is immensely powerful and impactful as every business is looking to integrate it into their day to day dealings.

How Is This Book Different?

This book by AI Publishing is carefully crafted, giving equal importance to the theoretical concepts as well as the practical aspects of natural language processing. In each chapter of the second half of the book, the theoretical concepts of different types of deep learning and NLP techniques have been covered in-depth, followed by practical examples.
You will learn how to apply different NLP techniques using the TensorFlow and Keras libraries for Python. Each chapter contains exercises that are designed to evaluate your understanding of the concepts covered in that chapter. Also, in the Resources section of each chapter, you can access the Python notebook. The author has also compiled a list of hands-on NLP projects and competitions that you can try on your own.
The main benefit of purchasing this book is you get immediate access to all the extra learning material presented with this book—Python codes, exercises, PDFs, and references—on the publisher’s website without having to spend an extra cent. You can download the datasets used in this book at runtime, or you can access them in the Resources/Datasets folder.

The author holds your hand through everything. He provides you a step by step explanation of the installation of the software needed to implement the various NLP techniques in this book. You can start experimenting with the practical aspects of NLP right from the beginning.

Even if you are new to Python, you’ll find the ultra-short course on Python programming language in the second chapter immensely helpful. You get all the codes and datasets with this book. So, if you have access to a computer with the internet, you can get started.

The topics covered include:

    • What is Natural Language Processing?
    • Environment Setup and Python Crash Course
    • Introduction to Deep Learning
    • Text Cleaning and Manipulation
    • Common NLP Tasks
    • Importing Text Data from Various Sources
    • Word Embeddings: Converting Words to Numbers
    • IMDB Movies Sentimental Analysis
    • Ham and Spam Message Classification
    • Text Summarization and Topic Modeling
    • Text Classification with Deep Learning
    • Text Translation Using Seq2Seq Model
    • State of the Art NLP with BERT Transformers
    • Hands-on NLP Projects/Articles for Practice
    • Exercise Solutions

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